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REAL SOBRIETY is a powerful film that speaks directly to individuals battling alcoholism or addiction, offering them hope and inspiration. This documentary features real people sharing extraordinary stories of their past struggles and the transformative journey they have undertaken to achieve a clean, sober, productive, and happy life. Through the narratives of relatable individuals such as a sober biker, prison chaplain, coffee shop manager, nurse, military veteran, waitress, and even a sober doctor, "REAL SOBRIETY" offers genuine and relatable accounts of those who have not only experienced the challenges firsthand but have also successfully overcome them.

The film takes viewers on a compelling journey, starting from the depths of alcoholism and addiction and guiding them toward the illuminating light of recovery. Through the candid and heartfelt testimonials of these remarkable individuals, "REAL SOBRIETY" instills a sense of hope and serves as a beacon of inspiration for those in search of a new beginning. By sharing their personal stories of recovery and resilience, the film encourages viewers to believe in the possibility of a brighter future and demonstrates that a fulfilling life in sobriety is attainable.

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