Digital Learning

Digital Programming Options for Communities and Corrections

Our curriculum and content library is tailored to the unique needs of justice involved and community based learners.  Our programming covers a wide range of topics, from career development, life skills, and reentry readiness to high-demand apprenticeship and vocational training curricula, all designed to build skills to advance life long success.

Comprehensive Education for Complex Situations

With so many learners left behind by traditional educational solutions, our programming breaks down common learning challenges to expand opportunities for personal growth and development.

We build up and strengthen existing skills, train in new areas, and illustrate how to apply these capabilities to a wide variety of situations. 

Career, life skills, reentry readiness and vocational skills have plagues individuals for years.  Addressing and educating in these essential areas is crucial to the over all success of learners.  Incremental successes are only possible when we work to address the fundamental challenges faced by our learners.

Content Diversity and Validity

We serve a wide audience of learners, from youth to those of advanced age, to all types of backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.  We strive to provide relevant content and curriculum to each learner who utilizes our platform, knowing the diversity of need is vast.  In doing so, we develop content that primarily focuses on career, life skills, reentry readiness and vocational skills.

Our program offerings are designed in partnership with subject matter experts to provide meaningful learning opportunities.  Bringing together the best-of-the-best in digital programming, our collection sets us apart as a leader in both community based and corrections education market – spanning hundreds of courses and learning resources!

Bring Our Content to Your Learners

Whether you are looking to offer new programs or supplement existing ones, our expansive collection will allow you to maximize positive outcomes for learners by enabling proven, effective curriculum. Purchase affordable content for justice involved and community-based learners today and help change lives!

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