Reentry Success Framework & Pipeline

Initially conceived by our Co-Founders as an Inmate Reentry Council to give voice to incarcerated individuals, this concept has been expanded to engage currently and previously incarcerated individuals, community leaders, organizations, and corporate sponsors.

Through the creation of a structured framework, Reentry Essentials prepares incarcerated individuals to become effective mentors and leaders during and after their incarceration. Reentry Essentials is currently working to build a pipeline from prison to community of individuals eager to assume their roles as law-abiding, productive members of their communities. It is expected that these individuals will give freely of their time and experiences as a way of reducing the number of individuals - youth and adults - who cycle through the criminal justice system.

This pipeline will grow from prison-based Inmate Reentry Councils and training opportunities to include external supports such as community-based support groups, meetings, mentor-mentee relationship building, and both network and training opportunities.

Each of these preliminary stages will culminate in the development of a national network of highly-skilled and motivated individuals who are inspired to take action in their local communities, effectively engage with their peers, build support for others who have walked in their footsteps and ensure youth and adults at risk of (re)entering the criminal justice system are provided the supports necessary to overcome the cycle of incarceration.

To that end, successful graduates of this unique framework will possess the knowledge and experience needed to effectively support local Community Connection Clubs as mentors and community leaders.

If you are interested in learning more about our Reentry Success Framework and Pipeline or would like to become a supporter of this innovative and exciting project, please contact us directly for assistance.