Life Skills Series: Basic Skills for Lifelong Success

​This series of interactive workbooks is designed to provide readers with real-world guidance and support overcoming some of the most common challenges faced by returning citizens, their families and community members.

Developed for a wide-variety of age groups, reading levels and cultural backgrounds, each interactive workbook contains straightforward text to ensure readability.

Fill-in sections, worksheets, and other interactive features make workbooks perfect for continued reference.

Active Parenting: Pre and Post Release
Provides parents the tools and information needed to be actively and positively engaged in their child's life. This title focuses on the value of open and honest communication, offers suggestions on working with caregivers, and includes information on healthy parenting and positive discipline.

Anger Management and You
Provides assistance identifying responses to angry feelings, recognize warning signs, identify triggers, and develop an anger-management plan. This title highlights several productive ways to control anger, including using timeouts, positive self-talk, physical activity, and relaxation techniques. It also provides tips and tools for dealing with another person's anger.

Being a Successful Employee
Provides assistance learning what makes a good employee, offers advice and instruction to help become organized, understand schedules, and prepare for work. This title provides assistance assessing work habits, job skills and possible barriers. It includes advice on how to handle workplace conflict and solve problems.

Better Self-Esteem
Provides assistance building self-esteem by setting and meeting goals, making personalized decisions, communicating assertively, having friends and building social support, improving skills and knowledge, and more. This title provides guidance for individuals having difficulty with substance abuse and self-control.

Community Reentry: Tools for Success 
Provides assistance gathering identification documents, identifying employment and housing options, and managing personal finances. This title offers advice on securing healthcare, remaining drug free, and establishing positive relationships. It also provides assistance evaluating job skills, setting realistic and achievable goals, creating a budget and managing stressful situations.

How to Manage Stress
Provides assistance examining ways to reduce stress, and provides valuable tips on time management, lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, diet, and exercise. This title includes a symptoms identifier, a self-assessment exercise, a stress management journal, and a "contract" for committing to goals and plans.

Managing Anger and Conflict
Provides assistance with learning how to better manage reactions to conflict without resorting to violence. This title provides tools and resources to help discover what conflict is, what triggers anger, and how to resolve conflict in a positive manner. It also includes tips on relaxation, stress reduction, and developing an anger-management plan.

Managing Credit Wisely
Provides assistance making smart credit decisions. This title offers advice and guidance on the use and misuse of credit, how to choose the best card for your needs, understanding loans, and the importance of a strong credit rating. It also provides debt management solutions, assistance understanding your consumer rights, and simple steps to guard against identity theft.

Managing Family Conflict
Provides different family structures with assistance exploring sources of conflict, communicating in a truthful but respectful manner, and managing stress and anger. This title helps members identify their role within the family, strengths, stressors, and how to effectively conduct family meetings.

Parenting and Anger Management 
Provides parents with guidance on how to develop an anger-management plan and understand the benefits of improving anger-management skills. This title teaches how to identify early-warning signs of anger and how to manage anger in a positive way. Also addresses positive discipline and dealing with children's anger.

Relaxation for Your Health
Provides guidance on how to strengthen ones' health with meditation, deep breathing, stretching, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and massage. This title explores how unmanaged stress impacts relationships, job performance, and emotional and physical wellbeing.

Successful Money Management
Provides assistance managing one's financial future. This title offers advice and guidance on budgeting, calculating net worth, establishing a bank account, balancing a checkbook, and financing appropriate purchases. It also outlines the basics of establishing credit and achieving economic security.

You and Your Health
Provides assistance managing diet and exercise routines for better health. This title provides tips on good nutrition, special health conditions, and identifying the right exercise program.

Your Resume and You
Provides assistance understanding the process of writing a resume. This title covers resume basics, types of resumes, fine-tuning, and establishing a positive online presence.

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