Essential Money Guides

Take the first step with these Essential Money Guides, covering topics such as credit and debit card use, budgeting, and keys to establishing and maintaining good credit. Read on to discover the essentials of smart money management.  |  Click Here to View Complete Set or see below individual titles. 

Budgeting Basics  |  Learn to create and stick to a budget. A budget helps you pay your bills on time, be prepared for emergencies and reach your financial goals.  |  Click Here to Read More

Credit History  |  Your credit history and how it affects your future. A credit history is a profile within a credit report that shows how you've handled money in the past.  |  Click Here to Read More

Credit Card Basics  |  What you need to know about managing your credit card. A credit card is a powerful payment option that allows you to purchase necessary items now and pay later.  |  Click Here to Read More

Debit Card Basics  |  What you need to know about using your debit card. A debit card is tied directly to a checking account, so when you make a purchase with that card, money is withdrawn from your account.  |  Click Here to Read More

Identity Theft  |  How to safeguard your identity and financial information from theft. When your personal and financial information falls into the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating.  |  Click Here to Read More

Prepaid Card Basics  |  What you should know about using prepaid cards. A prepaid card can be loaded with funds to make purchases anywhere a debt card is accepted. It looks like a debit or credit card and is a safe alternative to carrying cash and paying check-cashing fees.  |  Click Here to Read More