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Proper identification is an important component of any incarcerated individuals community reintegration plan. Identification is required to open a bank account, take a driver's test or apply for a job. For information about how to obtain proper government-issued identification upon release, contact any of the following agencies. 

Driver's License & Identification Card

To apply for a current driver's license in your state of legal residence, an identification card, or an instruction permit, you may present a copy of an expired driver's license, instruction permit, or state identification card. 

If you do not have an expired driver's license, instruction permit, or identification card, you may usually present one primary and one secondary document from your state approved document list. Pursuant to the REAL ID Act, the primary document must contain your full legal name (first, middle, and last) and the month, day and year of birth regardless of the state applying to. Each state has its own rules and regulations which can be learned by contacting them directly. 

State Contact:

Visit our page of Reentry Identification for more information. 

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