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State Resources

A component of our Reentry Essentials Initiative, the clickable map below provides quick and convenient access to a series of state-specific resource directories. Envisioned as a starting point from which to expand ones' awareness of the resources available within a geographic area, each state-specific directory contains a wide-variety of local, state and federal support organizations. Click on your desired state to retrieve an extensive directory of state-specific resources available within that area. Formatted in PDF (Portable Document Format) for easy viewing and printing, each document ranges from between 30 and 60 pages.

Reentry Essentials makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information presented. If you find that a resource is out-of-date or inaccessible, or if you know of a particularly useful resource that you would like to recommend for inclusion, please contact us and we will make the appropriate adjustments.