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Reentry Sourcebook

With limited access to online and up-to-date resources, many currently and previously incarcerated individuals struggle to navigate the challenges of community reintegration. With over 4,000 local service providers, 100+ pages of topic-specific guidance and over 270+ pages of local, state and national contacts, the Reentry Sourcebook provides convenient access to a wealth of information and assistance.

With it's convenient printed format and companion website, the Reentry Sourcebook is perfect for anyone who needs quick and easy access to information regardless of their circumstances. Whether you're an incarcerated individual, recently released, a concerned family or community member, or a government or non-profit organization, the Reentry Sourcebook provides the tools and resources necessary to ensure quick and easy access to the most timely information.

An extraordinarily comprehensive and insightful resource, the Reentry Sourcebook is ideally suited to help those in need:

  • Successfully reintegrate back into communities
  • Obtain and retain legitimate and productive employment
  • Advance educational goals
  • Move from social dependence to self-sufficiency

With 14 hard-hitting chapters covering such topics as mental health, substance abuse, housing and homelessness, consumer education, financial assistance, education and employment, identification, family and relationships, and entrepreneurship, the Reentry Sourcebook is an ideal solution to the challenges faced by those reentering society.

Praise for the Reentry Sourcebook

"Formerly incarcerated persons often face an uphill battle as they try to secure stable housing, find meaningful job opportunities, and reconnect with family and friends. The Reentry Sourcebook is a powerful tool that provides individuals with the resources they need to navigate these challenges and successfully assume their roles as parents, employees, and neighbors".

Scot T. Spencer,
Associate Director for Advocacy and Influence
The Annie E. Casey Foundation

"Built by people with the greatest concern for successful reentry, the Reentry Sourcebook is the most complete, comprehensive and thoroughly-vetted reference for incarcerated Americans".

Sue Kastensen,
Founder and Director
Fair Shake

"This nearly 350-page re-entry resource directory represents one of the most comprehensive treatments of the subject".

Ronald L. Kranich, PhD,
Impact Publications

If you are interested in learning more about the Reentry Sourcebook or would like to become a supporter of this innovative and exciting project, please contact us directly for assistance.

The Reentry Sourcebook costs just $19.95 plus tax and shipping, if it is being sent to an incarcerated individual.

Institutions, libraries, and other organizations can purchase the Reentry Sourcebook for $34.95 plus tax and shipping.





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