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Redefining Cool: Engage, Educate & Empower!

Conceived as a criminal justice diversion program for youth, Redefining Cool leverages the experiences of formerly incarcerated individuals to expose at-risk youth to the harsh realities of criminal and addictive behaviors. Redefining Cool engages, educates and empowers youth to drive positive social change in their lives and communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Redefining Cool is to reduce recidivism and youth incarceration rates through engagement, education and empowerment.

Vision Statement

The vision of Redefining Cool is to provide every youth and formerly incarcerated citizen the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, through reflective thinking, pro-social engagement and encouragement, to enable responsible decision-making and positive contributions to society.


Using evidence-based practices (e.g. mentoring, character and skill development training, one-on-one support, etc.), cognitive behavioral therapy and a unique blend of social media and outreach, Redefining Cool aims to reduce the number of criminal justice involved youth.

Through a national network of mentors, community partners, and corporate sponsors, Redefining Cool engages at-risk youth in pro-social interactions designed to strengthen their sense of community and belonging. Thus, empowering participants to become individuals of honor and integrity who create "opportunities for change" among themselves and their peers. Redefining Cool empowers participants to makes their own decisions through self-evaluation and conscious and informed thinking.

Using the experiences of individuals (Oftentimes, formerly incarcerated individuals who through their criminal involvement become idolized by youth in the communities from which they come.), perceived to be "cool" among at-risk youth and community members, Redefining Cool challenges participants to create their own definition of "cool" by providing a safe and nurturing environment through which to develop pro-social attributes, while exploring and testing their newly expanded skills and perceptions of what "cool" really means to them.

If you are interested in learning more about Redefining Cool or would like to become a supporter of this innovative and exciting new project, please contact us directly for assistance.